10) Gavi Prncipessa Banfi  Sophisticated light dry. Liguria Italy                    


11) Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita Most famous light dry. Veneto Italy           


12) Soave Albino Armani     Superb, Pleasantly Light ,Dry. Veneto  Italy       


13) Pinot Grigio Mezzacorona   Very nice light dry.  Veneto Italy                  

14) Orvieto Ruffino       Light dry well balanced. Lazio Italy                          


15) Vermentino Sella e Mosca  Exuberant light dry.  Sardinia Italy               

16) Chardonnay Sonoma Coutrer     Soft, , Oaky excellent  California          



18) Chardonnay K. Jackson  Medium oaky buttery finish. California            



20) Chardonnay Costal Vintners   Light oaky fruity. California                           


21) White Zinfandel Kenwood Semi sweet blush. California                           


22) Riesling S.A. Prum Essence Semi sweet fruity. Germany                          



31) Amarone Righetti (__)

 Excellent full body aromas medium dry Veneto. Italy                                        

32) Brunello Col d’ Orcia (___)

 The Best of  Tuscany. Full-Bodied, Complex Balanced                                     


33) Barolo Michele Chiarlo (__)

Full body dry. (King of all reds) Piedmont Italy                                                 


34) Cannonau di Sardegna (___)

 Elegant, Robust Dry ( Cannon Shot ) Sardinia   Italy                                       


35) Chianti Class. RIS. Banfi (__)

Superb medium body dry. Tuscany Italy                                                              


36) Chianti Class. Querceto (__)

Brilliant medium body dry. Tuscany Italy                                                            


37) Chianti Ruffino white label (__)

 Very nice light body dry. Tuscany Italy                                                             


40) Gattinara Travaglini (__)

Superb, full body dry cherry Piedmont Italy                                                       


39) Santa Cristina Antinori (__)

Bright medium body dry. Tuscany Italy                                                              

42) Montepulciano Quattro Mani (___)

 Medium body great table wine Abruzzi Italy                                                     

44) Salice Salentino (___)

One of the best from the South , medium dry, Puglia  Italy                                 

46) Pinot Noir Mezza Corona (___)

 Light, Medium Dry, Very Nice. Veneto Italy                                                         

49) Lambrusco

Soft, Semi-Sweet. Served Chilled. Emilia Italy                                                   

51) Cabernet S. Dynamite (___)

Full Body. Rich Blackberry ,Chocolate Notes. California                                  

52) Cabernet S. Franciscan (___)

Richly Balanced, Coffee, Cassis, Chocolate Notes. Napa                                   

53) Cabernet J Krug  (___)

Well Balanced, Cherry, Plum Notes. California                                                 

54) Cabernet St. Francis (___)

Rich, blackberry and black currant flavors, tannins finish. Sonoma                  

55) Cabernet Jack London (___)

Earthy & complex with aromas and flavors of dark fruit.                                  

60) Merlot Markham (___)

Sophisticated, Delicate, Plum, Espresso Notes. Napa                                        

61) Merlot Beringer (___)

Balanced, Delicate, Rich Plum  Wild berry Notes. California                            

62) Merlot St. Francis (___)

Full-bodied, superb fruit depth, ripe berry flavor. Sonoma                                      

63) Merlot Little Black Dress(___)

Very Pleasant, Soft, Delicate ,Light, Dry. California                                         

66) Pinot Noir Candoni (___)

Sophisticated, Full of Fruit Aromas.  Italia                                                    

67) Zinfandel Ravenswood (___)

Bright, Rich, Full Body, Balanced. California                                                   









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